WTFH is dedicated to queer & feminist club and creative culture.

WTFH aims to emphasize, network and promote the work of FLINTA* artists.

WTFH sets the working environments, individual & collective strategies as well as the experiences of and by FLINTA* artists to focus.

We believe everyone should have access to equal opportunities, treatment and pay.

Podcast #002 - Misbah Khan

Meet incredible Misbah Khan (MdB, Die Grünen) with her straight-forward and concise thoughts, insights and experiences of how community-informed politics (could) work - inside and beyond a party system.


Following our last event ENOUGH at Alte Münze, we are very happy to announce the next Conference-then-Club-Night-Event at the wonderful Ohm club. TRUST will take place on November 16th from 6pm – 5am.

Playlist by Cecilia Tosh

The German/Mozambican soul Cecilia Tosh is a Berlin based artist and entrepreneur. She is the co-founder and booker of the agency SEV Berlin and the open air space CURA Berlin. Cecilia and her team are devoted to creating more holistic surroundings and experiences in the context of clubculture. Musically, Cecilia is influenced and most inspired by Detroit Techno and Dub Techno. In her mixes she incorporates a variety of percussive elements from different genres while keeping her promise: to stay true to her own lane and vibe.Her sets have a constant groove, are deep and trippy. From June 2022, she is the new curator of Tresor’s event series "New Faces". In July she had her debut at Berghain. She also has her regular slots at HÖR and can be seen at various festival stages across Europe this year.

Podcast #001 - Dangermami

Heroines Sessions is an interview series in which we share resources, strategies, and stories from our experiences as FLINTA* in the creative industry.

For the first episode we interviewed Dangermami, the foundress of Femme Bass Mafia, a DJ mentoring program for womenx, trans- and non-binary people.

NFT release - Manel El Jmal

3D-artist Manel El Jmal is behind the creation and visualization of these post-human creatures. Their universe is photographic, fantastic and political. The motto being Heroines, queer women and fluid bodies are at the heart of this project. These bodies, often mistreated and hypersexualized; are here sanctified in order to reclaim their uniqueness, beauty and power.

About WTFH

We want to emphasise, represent and network FLINTA* club culture, both on the artist and on the business side. We want to connect people of all genders in the industry – and the club. We are not in competition with existing initiatives, event series, collectives or networks, we are AND.

It’s important for us to think about our own position to not reproduce existing structures. We are aware of the different access opportunities to resources. Skill-sharing, complicity, unbroken sensitivity – buzzwords, yet necessary trades of working and living together. All of WTFH projects try to follow an intersectional infrastructure.

This means that we realise the various tasks, positions and work processes (from booking over editing and public relations to production, documentation and catering) accordingly with FLINTA* and/or queer people and/or BIPoC. Ultimately, WTFH is the vision of artists networking as artists, getting into conversation, playing in front of a broad, diverse audience and not having to be positioned as a "FLINTA* commodity": Privileges are not overcome by renouncing them, but by fighting for them together and for all who want them. On this website we present clubs, festivals, labels and artists who think and work with equitability in a practical way.

We aim to build a platform to list, feature and document the diversity within the creative industries.